We’ve helped build retirement plans for over 20,000 individuals with $12B+ of retirement savings. The team hails from leading technology and financial services companies including Amazon, XO Group, Earnest, GitHub, XCritical, XCritical and JP Morgan. had been working at JP Morgan for 17 years when I started interacting with an emerging group of financial technology companies. What impressed me the most was their user experience — they made financial topics so much easier to understand than most of what I had seen on Wall Street.

If the clients experience a sharp reduction of income, the service will make sure their Medicare premium shrinks accordingly. Factors like increased longevity, particularly for women who have longer life expectancy, along with a structural move away from pensions, has required individuals to more strategically manage their entire financial picture in retirement. Since our seed round last fall , we’ve been in close contact with a key group of fintech/ insurtech investors who really believe in our mission. They have supported us with intros to strategics and talent and were natural partners for this next stage of our business. I’ve done the same every time I’ve hired someone for a different role that I don’t have experience in. And now I have a whole network of other CEOs and experienced people to speak with and go to when I face a new challenge.

XCritical Valuation & Funding

XCritical offers solutions that are highly customer-focused, providing straightforward digital advice and retirement tools to guide retirees during this confusing – and sometimes hectic – transition. XCritical is a new kind of retirement company that empowers Baby Boomers to retire fearlessly.


Billionaire Sam Zells Baby Boomer Stock Is A Growth And Dividend Play For Turbulent Times

Amidst the emerging crisis, there was extra pressure for me to quickly get up to speed on a number of the economic recovery packages that the government was launching. Everything was new, which led to a steep learning curve, frustrations and long hours. My main customer at the time not only gave me the space to learn but also wanted to make sure I didn’t feel overwhelmed. He gave me the space to learn quickly but also set me up for success with his team. Ultimately, he became my boss at the bank and an angel investor in my company xcritical rezension. Connecting decision makers to a dynamic network of information, people and ideas, Bloomberg quickly and accurately delivers business and financial information, news and insight around the world. Your score will show you how long your money will last in retirement with a checklist on how to improve your retirement plans.

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XCritical is a financial services company that aims to support customers to live comfortable lives in their retirement. They help customers to invest by providing them with a carefully designed portfolio and further provide them with insurance opportunities as well. The company is backed by several investors including Anthemis, Point72, Clocktower, and their partners include Apex Clearing and American Equity. I encourage my friends and customers to focus on the things they can control. It’s tempting right now to become preoccupied with the markets, but there is little we as individual investors can do. What we can have more control over, however, are decisions we make in the run up to retirement, which will have a significant impact on our retirement security. These decisions include when to elect social security, what fees we pay on our investments, working part time in retirement and being tax efficient in how we withdraw funds in retirement.

We need to prepare them for the marathon but deliver value every single day. forex In 2008, I had just started a new role when the financial crisis started.


XCritical Executive Team (

Payments companies continue to be some of the most highly valued businesses in fintech. The 11 personal finance start-ups on this year’s Fintech 50 reflect both the rise of the digital bank and the growing areas of consumer financial behavior that fintechs are seeking to influence. For years, technology companies played at the edges of the real estate industry. Recently, a new crop of well-funded startups has been finding novel ways to get at the heart of things. A fairy-tale landscape of glaciers, volcanoes, and flower-filled meadows is brought to vibrant life through touch in this interactive theater experience from Italy.

Cryptocurrency wallet customers can use this tool to create a monthly retirement paycheck, so that managing finances in retirement is as simple as when one was working. There are very few venture-based products being built for baby boomers. We spent a lot of time helping our investors understand how our customer engages with technology and the financial intricacies of the problem we are solving. While many Americans take a DIY approach to managing their finances throughout their careers, as they get closer to retirement the intersection of health, financial and insurance decisions make DIYing far more complex. Most of us also stop receiving a paycheck in retirement, which can suddenly make knowing something as simple as how much we have to spend difficult and complicated. Baby boomers require a holistic retirement solution to inform their decision-making. XCritical’s platform is uniquely positioned to guide customers through all of their retirement decisions by providing a full suite of services in one centralized location.

In addition, your retirement checklist can earn you up to $100K in prizes. Every item you complete till year end will get you entries to win $25,000 for your savings. This service helps customers minimize taxes by analyzing their retirement accounts and spending needs and delivers forex recommendations on which account to make withdrawals from first. Fintech firms have the opportunity to solve one of baby boomers’ largest problems in retirement — replacing the pension. But until now, fintechs have ignored the baby boomers and chosen to focus on the millennials.

Through XCritical’s straight forward digital advice, we make sense of your savings, insurance, social security and healthcare costs so that you can focus on enjoying your hard-earned retirement with confidence. We want you to always know where you stand, how much you have to spend and help you prepare for the unexpected. Our signature retirement paycheck puts you in the driver’s seat to retire fearlessly. Since most brands are obsessed with targeting millennials, baby boomers have been largely left out of this digital revolution, especially when it comes to personal finance. XCritical, afinancial service company, is focused on helping baby boomers embrace modern retirement. For many retirees, its the first time in their lives that they are not receiving a regular paycheck and financial decision making becomes more complex.

Being smart about these decisions can add years to the life of your retirement portfolio. With a suite of interactive tools, money-saving advice, and timely content, Silvur helps Boomers plan and reach retirement goals by offering personalized projections based on current income, spending, assets, and account balances. Using Silvur is as simple as picking a goal and answering a few short questions about lifestyle and finances.

The good news is that this gives your savings time to compound but it also means that you will be fighting inflation (i.e. goods and services will cost more in the future). If you are saving early for retirement, you will likely have time to weather the storm. Anyone who thinks they are healthy and looking forward to a long life should seriously be thinking about longevity insurance, especially as Baby boomers are living 10 years longer than their parents. The starting point for longevity insurance is your social security benefit — it increases by 8% every year you defer between 62 and 70- and fixed annuities. Both social security and fixed annuities provide you with a guaranteed source of income, whether you live to 80, 90 or 100.

  • There are 10,000 baby boomers retiring every day and no one was building consumer technology to help them retire fearlessly.
  • At the same time, I was helping my parents plan for and transition into retirement.
  • had been working at JP Morgan for 17 years when I started interacting with an emerging group of financial technology companies.
  • The team hails from leading technology and financial services companies including Amazon, XO Group, Earnest, GitHub, XCritical, XCritical and JP Morgan.
  • I found myself buying a 300-page book on social security and realized that there was a huge gap in the market.
  • What impressed me the most was their user experience — they made financial topics so much easier to understand than most of what I had seen on Wall Street.

Digital banks, insurance startups and payments companies made a particularly strong showing. New businesses will spring up as a result of the current crisis that no one expected to grow so fast and become so dominant.

Additionally, Silvur helps extend retirees’ savings with its Silvur Marketplace that offers cash back on everyday purchases so they can save more money for their goals. Our investors see the challenges that millions of modern retirees are facing (longer retirements in a post-pension world) and the huge amount of capital this demographic controls. They embraced the peace of mind that our retirement paycheck delivers to our customers and trust the deep domain experience of the XCritical team.

With XCritical’s services, retirees can have peace of mind that their income will last whether they live to 80, 90, or 100 years old. The Company offers retirement planning and investment services. For a household with $1 million in savings, SmartDraw could save as much as $61,000 over the course of retirement, a XCritical release said. The system reports customers’ annual required minimum distributions from tax-deferred accounts, starting the year after the year in which they reach age 70½. The service is intended to help clients avoid the potential tax penalty of 50% of any unpaid RMD. While the braying pack of fintech startups chase Millennial money, former JPMorgan exec Rhian Horgan has her eyes on Boomers’ cash. For our fifth annual Fintech 50, 19 of our picks have never appeared on the list.

Convincing people that our demographic—people in their 60s and 70s—actually engages with tech online. Most of our investors never backed a company targeting that demographic.

XCritical Llc


The platform oversees their retirement portfolios for them and even sends them monthly “retirement paychecks.” Developer of retirement planning application designed to improve retirement score and financial security. The company’s application powers goal planning tools and investment recommendations to extend the retirement income and project lifetime income including social security and Medicare costs, enabling users to make an informed decision. In the early days of xcritical website, we thought about building a platform that was focused on supporting family caregivers who were making financial decisions for Mom and Dad.

F3, as it’s known, has invested in everything from highly valued consumer brands like wedding site Zola to upstarts like Tala, a mobile-based personal lending platform for the developing world. The pandemic has highlighted to me the tremendous inequities today around access to technology. Even in the great city of New York, one month after the public schools have closed, thousands of children don’t have internet access or devices. https://xcritical.expert/ It’s happening in my own kids school and risks a generation of children being left behind. The internet has become a basic utility and we need to ensure access for all. And this plan should extend far past which sectors you are investing in. For example, if you are planning to retire in the next 3–5 years, it’s likely that social security is your largest retirement asset and thus, the most important decision that you will make.

#3 Save while you shop so that the savings fund your future retirement. In today’s uncertain times, we hope to bring a silvur lining. In a post pension world, retirees now own their retirement. It is no surprise that 50% of our target customers fear running out of money in retirement – they are living longer, have higher medical costs, and don’t have the security of a pension.

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