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Linked In Our Community

For Every Pair of shoes you buy, a pair shoe will be donated to a homeless shelter near our own home. 


Why We Do It

Most people do not realize how important footwear is to a normal person, more importantly, a homeless person. It does more than protect and cushion our feet. They provide basic mental safety, they give you a sense of dignity and most importantly they provide chance for decency. Not many places hire without shoes, or tattered excuses for them.

Many homeless people also struggle with foot conditions that come with inadequate footwear, an often overlooked . Some can be actually fatal, and most cause problems that make their already problematic even worse. Tinea Pedis, vascular clots, and fungus are the most present and harrowing issues. According to The Encyclopedia of Homelessness,”Although homeless people can often obtain used clothing, new shoes and socks are not usually easy to obtain.” It seems that the footwear that they pick up is already worn down, so it is our mission to blossom as a company and to grow improve our community. 


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