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Moreover, a rhetorical question can also help you end the paper without closing the discussion. A proper introduction how to end an essay with a bang in google is key for winning the reader’s attention. However, the way you conclude an essay is crucial too.

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You can think of conclusions in two different ways. In writing, a conclusion is a summary of the main point or the argument overall.

how to end an essay with a bang

How To Write A Conclusion For An Essay

Then, finish things off as we normally would with end quotes. Conclusion paragraphs begin by revisiting the main idea definition. The how to end an essay with a bang first sentence reminds the reader of what this has all been about. This sentence revisits your thesis statement or main topic.

Definition Of ’With A Bang’

how to end an essay with a bang

The writer presents one side of the issue and supports his or her opinion with arguments backed up by statistics, examples and expert opinions. In short essays , five paragraphs is the standard format. Normal quotation marks are required because the main character is still speaking, but they’re quoting someone else’s words. On paper, it simply requires a singular quote to indicate they’re still speaking but it’s not their words.

It reminds the audience or reader of your argument and main points. More importantly, the conclusion is your chance to convince your audience or make them passionate about your topic by making them feel something. Presenting the last word on the issues you raised in your paper. Just as the introduction gives a first impression to your reader, the conclusion offers a chance to leave a lasting impression.


These conclusions in writing are meant to remind the reader of what they should have learned as they read. In terms of thinking, conclusions are decisions and opinions we form after thinking logically about information. Since your conclusion is at the very end, it is the very last part that the reader or listener will hear or see. The conclusion is your final thoughts and words on the subject of which you are speaking.

It can inspire your reader to see things from a different point of view or challenge the reader to open his mind to new ideas. It also serves as a reminder of everything the reader has just learned and ties together all of the points you’ve made. Main Body is the place you’re meant to state a quote or two, depending on the length of a paper. A standard 5-paragraph essay will imply you to use 2-3 quotes in the main body. More quotes aren’t necessary for such a short assignment.

With A Bang In British English

Do this, for example, by highlighting key points in your analysis or findings. Structuring the Argumentative Essay Conclusion The fifth paragraph is called the conclusion. The conclusion begins with a transition term and a summary in which the thesis and the three arguments how to end an essay with a bang in google are restated. The essay ends with a “clincher”–a technique used to encourage the reader to think about the essay. The Persuasive Essay In a persuasive essay, the writer attempts to persuade readers that his or her opinion on a controversial issue is the right one.

how to end an essay with a bang

These were handpicked from reliable sources so that you could learn how to write your own conclusion. As you’ll see, the length and format vary according to the topic, paper type, and author’s outlook. Also, if you think your essay conclusion example fits the criteria, how to end an essay with a bang in youtube you can send it in by using our “Helpful” form below. Show what important questions result from your essay and are worth being studied in future works. Such a finisher can leave the reader contemplating long after the last word of your essay is read.

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For any piece of writing to be effective, there has to be definitive and conclusive concluding sentences. A concluding sentence should be a summary of the previous discussion and not include any new information. The reader should be able to identify the key points in a text by reading the concluding sentence. I like to think of these as ‘exit-hooks’ since they keep the reader’s attention on the topic, even as you signal the end of your own discussion about it.

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Most conclusion paragraphs are four to five sentences long and should average between 50–75 words. They should be long enough to get your point across, but short enough that you’re not rehashing every idea you’ve ever had on the subject. Your conclusion is your final word in the argument you’ve written out.

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