Keep reading to find the best way to clone a hard drive to SSD or a new hard drive easily. It will take a while to create the clone, depending on how much data is stored on the drive. When it’s done, you will have an exact duplicate you can use to restore or set up a new PC. After you choose the drive you want to clone, select the destination drive you are going to copy the data to. You should see all the connected drives and their internal partitions.

✍If you clone a small disk to a larger disk, you can click the button of "Edit Partitions" to make the target drive show full capacity. There are three options for you to resize partitions so that you can use full capacity on the destination disk, and two of them are for advanced operations. This graphic guide will show more details about how to clone a hard drive. Choose the disk to clone, select "OK" and then press "Enter." Choose the disk to save the backup to, select "OK" and then press "Enter." Choose the disk to back up the data to and then click "Next." Click "OK," if prompted, to delete the partitions on the destination drive. The above contents are the introduction of another disk clone software and the disk cloning solution. In the above part, we show you how to clone a hard drive to SSD free in Windows 10/8/7 with MiniTool ShadowMaker.

You’ll either need to boot from another drive or volume with a functioning MacOS installation or use the Recovery HD volume. To start the cloning process, select the source drive and then click the blue Clone this disklink listed underneath the drive in the main window. So you booted up the freshly cloned disk and instead of a nice boot splash screen you got an error message. There’s a very good chance that your problem is very minor and a quick run through with the recovery media will mend any minor issues . Wow, this is the most specific question I’ve ever seen asked on Superuser. I love how you go in depth on how exactly you’re planning on cloning the hard drive.

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In addition to MiniTool ShadowMaker, MiniTool Partition Wizard is also the best tool to clone a hard drive. If you choose to shut down now,make sure you only connect ONE of your source or destination drivebefore you boot the computer the first time after the clone. Now, we will show you the full steps of cloning a hard drive.

  • For example, a 5-target duplicator can create five clone HDDs at a time.
  • The target drives are the hard drives onto which the duplicator will copy the source drive’s data.
  • A hard drive duplicator always has a source drive and at least one target drive.
  • This task is not as simple as it appears, as some content is typically not available for "copy and paste" operation.
  • The source drive is the "master" drive that contains the information that needs to be cloned.

Cloning is a viable option if installing a fresh copy of the OS and migrating your data is not an option. Now that you software gratis have a clone of your original drive, don’t do anything on your primary drive that puts data on your computer you’d otherwise want to save, because that won’t appear on your cloned drive.

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I recommend placing a text file on your desktop that says “THIS IS THE OLD HARD DRIVE,” or something more witty than that, and then power down your computer. When you double-click on the installer, you’ll actually see a screen that looks like a downloading tool rather than your typical application installer. I’m not sure why Macrium Software goes this route instead of just offering up the entire app as a download, but there you go. The only downside to Disk Utility compared to some third-party tools is that it unmounts all drives to speed up the copy process. That means you can’t perform a drive clone from the currently booted volume.

6 – After the cloning process is finished you can remove the old hard drive and install the new drive in its place. If this is an upgrade you can leave the old drive installed and use it as a secondary drive if you want to. If there’s no open drive bay available you can purchase an external USB hard drive adapter (#ad) and temporarily connect the new drive to the computer as an external USB hard drive. There are times when we need to copy the entire contents of one hard drive onto another hard drive. The next time you boot the laptop with the rescue drive attached, it will load up the Macrium Reflect software.

★The Standard edition only supports cloning disk with the same partition style, such as, cloning GPT disk to GPT disk, cloning MBR disk to MBR disk. If you want to clone GPT system disk to MBR or migrate MBR system disk to GPT, you could consider upgrading to AOMEI Backupper Professional.

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